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Luxury Academy Switzerland

Victoria Goncharenko

Regional Director

Victoria Goncharenko is a Certified International Etiquette Coach and Trainer operating internationally across Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Europe, Victoria delivers programmes in English, French, Russian and Ukranian,

Drawing on her wealth of experience, both in the world of art and in the corporate arena, Victoria is passionate about advising clients on building their confidence in every area of etiquette and luxury.

Victoria studied at the prestigious Kharkiv University of Humanities. She also attended the KLC School of Design in London, where she studied Interior Design. Victoria is certified by Sotheby’s Institute of Art in both art history and as an art critic.

Victoria holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Adminstration and Management and is currently based in Vaud in the Lake Geneva Region of Switzerland.

Having worked in the both the luxury and art industries internationally, Victoria has a first hand and intrinsic understanding of cultural, social and business etiquette.

Etiquette Training

If you ask ten people what etiquette means, you will likely get ten different answers ranging from knowing which fork to use, to when to send a thank-you note.

Many people consider etiquette to be something you use when you’re at a fancy dinner or meeting VIPs, but etiquette is more than just knowing what cutlery to use or how to make proper introductions.

Etiquette is all about behaviour, it’s about knowing the right way to behave so you are comfortable in all situations and you make other people around you feel at ease.

Luxury Training

Your team are the ambassadors of your brand and it requires polish, confidence and expert knowledge to build relationships with clients in the luxury market.

Our years of experience working with, and advising luxury brands across the world, has given us an insight into the luxury market that is unrivalled by other training companies.

We intimately understand the luxury consumer and we can guide your staff on the most effective ways to build relationships with this demanding market.

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