5 Day Challenge

Teams of 10 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis

Are you looking for ways to increase the average check value within F&B? That’s exactly what the Luxury Academy 5-day challenge will help you do.

With our simple 5-day challenge, your staff will get the latest training on how to increase their food and beverage upselling abilities, and that means more bottom-line profits for your outlets.

The 5-Day Challenge provides:

  • Daily training videos your staff can quickly watch and implement each morning.
  • Daily challenges  your staff participate in and work on each day.
  • 2 live online zoom class with focussed upsell topics and challenge accountability.

This challenge is an easy and fun way to quickly and permanently improve the skills of your staff and increase the average check value within your F&B Department.

"Increase your average check value in 5 days"

- F&B Upselling 5-Day Challenge


Imagine for a moment that you’re about to get on a six hour flight. You get to the check-in desk and the airline check-in assistant asks you this question “I have an available seat in Business Class, would you like me to upgrade you from economy for an addional fee of £75?”.

More legroom, better food, more comfort and a dramatically enhanced experience. Would you accept the offer of an upgrade? I know I certainly would and so would your guests.


Upselling in a Food & Beverage environment is no different. The cocktail of the day, a special bottle of wine, dessert, cheese, port, brandy, even an Irish coffee. All are your way of offering your guest the opportunity to upgrade and enhance their experience with you.

Overcome Staff Embarrassment

Food & Beverage staff intensely dislike upselling because they feel it is pushy, embarrassing and “if the guest wanted it, they’d ask for it”. But think back to the airline check-in, you wanted it, but did you ask for it?

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