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Six week blended learning programme with video and live classes via Zoom


Helping you build relationships with high net worth clients


Suitable for all levels of staff within the luxury sector

Selling Luxury, Luxury Expert

The HNWI as a Client

The realm of luxury isn’t just about opulence and extravagance; it’s a nuanced world with its own set of rules, expectations, and values. At the heart of this realm are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) – a discerning clientele with unique behavioural tendencies and patterns. 

To truly thrive in the luxury sector, professionals need to decipher these patterns, understanding not just what these individuals want, but also why they want it, how they come to desire it, and the most effective way to cater to these desires.

In our 6-week course, “Working with High Net Worth Clients,” we’ll delve into the labyrinthine psyche of HNWIs, unveiling the intricacies of their worldviews, motivations, and decision-making paradigms.

Decipher, Communicate, Navigate

  • Decipher the Socio-Psychological Fabric: Understand the societal, cultural, and psychological factors that shape the mindset of HNWIs. It’s not just about wealth, but about the narratives, experiences, and aspirations that come with it.

  • Craft Resonant Communication: The language of luxury isn’t merely about words. It’s about crafting narratives, exuding authenticity, and embodying a certain gravitas that resonates with affluence.

  • Navigate Decision-making Labyrinths: HNWIs don’t just “buy” – they invest, they patronize, they endorse. Unravel the complexity behind their decision-making processes and learn to influence it subtly and effectively.

Engage with finesse

  • Harness Persuasion with Finesse: It’s not about hard selling, but about nuanced persuasion, tailored to the refined sensibilities of the luxury consumer.

  • Engage in Elevated Service Dynamics: Service in the luxury sector isn’t transactional – it’s relational. Learn how to cultivate relationships that endure, ensuring that interactions with HNWIs aren’t just satisfactory, but memorable.

Professionals who undertake this course will not only gain knowledge but also an evolved perspective, preparing them to not just interact with HNWIs but to truly engage them, understand them, and serve them in a way that fosters loyalty, trust, and mutual respect.

Course Modules

Video Lessons

  • Monday.                        Understanding people
  • Tuesday.                        Behavioural Priming
  • Wednesday.                  The “because” heuristic
  • Thursday.                      The Anchoring Heuristic
  • Friday.                            Self-fulfilling Prophesy in Behaviour 
  • Monday. Understanding gravitas
  • Tuesday. Making people listen to you
  • Wednesday. Projecting confidence
  • Thursday. Structure how you speak
  • Friday. The voice of authority
  • Monday. Active listening – Buzz word or reality?
  • Tuesday. Stop speaking, just listen
  • Wednesday. Explore – Asking questions correctly
  • Thursday. Diagnose – I will fix it
  • Friday. Prescribe – Outline the solution
  • Monday. Understanding Persuasion Science
  • Tuesday. Understanding Attitudes & Attitude Change
  • Wednesday. Heuristics & How people process decisions
  • Thursday. Messaging Factors
  • Friday. Conclusion Drawing
  • Monday. Behaviour around high net worth clients
  • Tuesday. Interesting Behavioural Facts about HNWI’s
  • Wednesday. King Frederick the Great
  • Thursday. The Lipstick Effect
  • Friday. The Butterfly Effect
  • Monday. Are there Really Difficult People?
  • Tuesday. Why clients may become abusive
  • Wednesday. Intent vs Impact
  • Thursday. Immediate De-escalation
  • Friday. Matching and Mirroring Intensity

Live Classes

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