Gift Etiquette Egypt
  • Gifts are  given and received with both hands or with the right hand only, not with the left since it is considered “unclean”. Generally, gifts should not be opened when received unless the giver insists.
  • Many Muslims would find it a remarkably nice gesture, for example, if a non-Muslim foreigner sends them a greeting at the beginning of Ramadan holiday.
  • If you are invited to the home of a Muslim family, make sure to bring some gift (sweet pastries, chocolates or fruits), do not bring alcohol unless you are sure that they drink.
  • It is traditional for gifts to be wrapped twice in Egypt, in bright colou It goes back to the time, when peasants presented gifts to the Pharaohs. The gift was wrapped once in a simple cloth and then, in a more elaborate cloth. Since the gift itself was usually simple, the external bright wrapping gave the impression of something more valuable than it was.
  • Flowers are not given as Valentines’ Day gifts, birthday presents, or just to show someone you care about them. In Egypt, flowers are strictly reserved for weddings,funerals or for someone who is sick.
  • If a man wants to give a gift to a woman, the gift must be presented as a gift from his mother, sister, or wife.
  • Avoid gifts relating to pigs and pork or gifts with religious connotations.
  • A compass makes a great gift for a Muslim because it directs them to Mecca.

Gifts to please the Gods

In ancient Egypt, gifts were given to please the gods. The ancient Egyptians believed that their pharaohs were earthly gods and so they showered them with gifts in the hope that the pharaoh would talk on their behalf with the gods. Many of these gifts , including jewellery, grains, gold, clothing and furniture, were buried in pyramids along with the Pharaohs

Gift Etiquette Egypt
Copyright: Julia Wimmerlin
Gift Etiquette Egypt
Copyright: Julia Wimmerlin

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