Five Star Solution


The Five Star Solution is a comprehensive programme that will audit every aspect of your service and then provide a bespoke onsite training solution, to deal with any issues.

The programme offers a complete overview of your service offering.  Comprehensive audits are conducted on the first day and a training solution is designed based on these findings.

Programme Inclusions
  • 1 day of intense audits across all service areas
  • Comprehensive Booking & Reservations Audit
  • Comprehensive Arrival Experience Audit
  • 40 Point Housekeeping Audit
  • Full F&B Service Audit
  • Full F&B Standards Audit
  • 5 Days of hands-on training with all service teams
  • 1 Day of comprehensive training with supervisors and managers
  • Training Manuals for all new standards and service procedures
  • Expert advice and guidance for all your teams
Course: Five Star Solution
Course Duration: Five Days
Location: Onsite at client location
Class Size: Varies by department
Comprehensive programme for all departments

Many brands that use Luxury Academy’s Five Star Solution are already high performing businesses as a result of their consistent efforts to improve service quality by not just meeting their own service standards, but outperforming them.

Rarely do the best in the industry sit still and relax on past glories; the luxury sector is far too competitive for that.  All consumers have expectations that they bring to service encounters, particularly for luxury brands, and it is the gap that may exist between expectations and subsequent perceptions of service quality that brands must strive to close.

Luxury Academy’s Five Star Solution is a comprehensive programme that will audit every aspect of your service and then provide a bespoke training solution, on-site, to deal with any issues.

On the job training

Sometimes a fresh eye is all that is needed to rejuvenate and motivate great service.
The Five Star Solution is unique in its approach; the comprehensive audit is only the first step in the process of improving service standards.

The Luxury Academy consultant that undertakes your audit will then work with your team for an entire week to implement the actions from the audit.

We find that developing a working relationship with your team and implementing improvements in service quality alongside them, is the most effective way of ensuring positive, and lasting improvements.

Real-time implemetation

Rather than taking your staff away from duties for training, your knowledgeable and experienced Luxury Academy consultant will work with staff in their department whilst it is operating at full steam, offering guidance, advice and assistance.

No scenario based training can compare to real-time customer interactions, our approach equips staff with the confidence and experience to implement improved service standards straight away.

Your consultant will work alongside the F&B team in the restaurants/bars, the housekeeping team in the bedrooms and the reception and guest relations team in front office

Training like no other

A key goal for luxury service providers is reducing inconsistencies in service delivery; ensuring customers have positive service encounters every time they interact with the brand, from the initial enquiry to check out.

One of the key elements in The Five Star Solution is management and supervisor training which gives your leadership team the motivation, skills and knowledge to maintain the new systems and service standards once the consultant has left.

The leadership team will also receive training manuals and instructions to refer back to.

Audit Information

Arrival audit

The arrival audit evaluates customers’ front desk experience; a first impression that is welcoming and engaging is paramount in creating positive perceptions of service and thus, customer loyalty.

Housekeeping audit

The housekeeping audit is a 40 point checklist comprising the required standards in a five star bedroom.  It covers everything from first impressions on entering the bedroom, through to cleanliness, maintenance and room amenities.

F&B service audit

This audit evaluates the service and level of customer engagement with the food and beverage teams, looking at areas such as interaction with customers, up-selling opportunities and staff friendliness.

F&B standards audit

The F&B standards audit looks at the standards within F&B.  Areas such as table set-up, equipment use, product displays, menu layouts, outlet cleanliness and presentation are evaluated.


Arrival & Reception

Once the customer has booked their anticipation and expectations grow, the longer the booking period, the higher the expectations.  A warm, engaging and welcoming arrival experience is essential.

The audit will cover the following:

  • First impressions.
  • Warmth of arrival greeting.
  • Speed and efficiency of check in.
  • Product knowledge.
  • Name recognition.
  • Up-sell opportunities utilised.
  • Level of guest engagement.
Housekeeping & Guest Room

Guests who frequent luxury hotels have certain expectations of their bedrooms, and whilst they may not spend a great deal of time in their rooms, it is important to ensure these expectations are met.

The 40 point audit covers the following:

  • Room cleanliness and layout.
  • Guest information & in-room collateral.
  • Bathroom cleanliness.
  • Bathroom amenities.
  • Mini-bar products.

This audit includes photographs of areas for reference

F&B Service

Food & beverage service tends to be the centrepiece of all luxury hospitality businesses, and a huge amount of time and effort goes into getting it right.  But food & beverage is not just limited to the restaurants- bars, room service, breakfast and afternoon tea are all part of the overall experience.

The food & beverage service audit covers:

  • Staff interaction and guest engagement.
  • Menu food and drink knowledge.
  • Up-selling opportunities explored.
  • Cross selling opportunities utilised.
  • Presentation and confidence of service staff
F&B standards

A friendly staff member is key to providing meaningful and positive service encounters for guests, but maintaining standards consistently in a luxury environment is an ongoing process. Sometimes it takes an outside eye to observe areas of improvement in service standards.

The standards audit covers:

  • Standardisation of set up.
  • Cleanliness of equipment
  • Back of house standards and areas.
  • Mise en place.
  • Attention to detail
5-days Staff Training

Once all of the audits are complete, the training and implementation starts.  The areas covered in the audits will be discussed and a training programme will commence which will additionally include any training areas previously discussed with the client.

Training will take place with the following departments:

  • Front office & guest relations.
  • Housekeeping & porters
  • Food & beverage.
1 Day Leadership Training

To ensure that standards are maintained after the process and also to ensure that the managers and supervisors have the confidence and knowledge to continue with the programme, leadership and communications training will be provided on the final day.

Leadership teams will be included in the training throughout the process and will be heavily involved in directing and implementing the training across their departments.