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The Dangerous Pseudoscience of the Kolbe Index Personality Assessment

https://youtu.be/jjmqGFirPtM One of Kolbe’s most renowned so-called “contributions” is her Index Personality Assessment, which she really developed based on her perception of herself as “the world’s leading authority on human instincts.” The famous Kolbe Index [...]

The Fake Science behind the DiSC Personality Assessment

https://youtu.be/mHdiv7yZaks According to the DiSC Personality Assessment, all human personalities can be divided into four different types Since personality is essentially nothing other than repeatable patterns of behaviour on the part of an individual, personality [...]

Why high prices attract clients and instil a sense of comfort and low prices create resistance and a sense of scepticism

https://youtu.be/hxiCRzXxH5E We naturally tend to believe the more expensive product is the best. Price tends to be a proxy for quality. Economics and the market, as valuable as it may be to our society, simply [...]

Why are sweetbreads a delicacy and what are they? Are they really testicles?

https://youtu.be/U0JszKXHy14 Sweetbreads are actually a type of offal made from the internal organs from either lambs or calves. the most common misconception regarding sweetbreads is that it is testicles. It sounds like it could be [...]

What is Foie gras, why is it banned in some countries and why is it so expensive?

https://youtu.be/117TVQDY4dM Foie gras is the name of a French speciality luxury food made from the liver of either duck or goose. Foie gras production is banned in several European countries, including the UK. The French [...]

How to Manage, Facilitate and Control Client Zoom Meetings (for sales people)

Virtual business meetings have now already become a well-established new normal. digital meetings pose a number of technical difficulties that meeting in person doesn’t – difficulties often beyond your control. The global Covid-19 pandemic has [...]

The Chinese Luxury Goods Market to lead the way to a Global Recovery

China has, in fact, turned the misfortune of the global pandemic into an economic opportunity. China’s emergence as the world’s leading post-Covid luxury market, will enable the path to the luxury market’s complete global recovery. [...]

Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership: Two dynamic Models for Modern Business Leaders

The primary difference between transformational leadership and servant leadership is the focus of the leader. the specific model or style of leadership alone is insufficient to make a great leader. Although different, both servant leadership [...]

Digital Marketing Strategies to Grab the Attention of High Net Worth Individuals

Digital Marketing in the luxury industry has never been as important as it is today. Being relevant and informative to your exclusive target group are central to digital marketing strategies aimed at HNWIs. Effective communication [...]

The Spectacular Increase in the Number of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in India

India will be able to boast with 50 more billionaires by 2025. India’s share of the global UHNWI population is expected to almost double from 1% to almost 2% India has seen its number of [...]

The Very Best Cities for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals to Live, do Business and Invest

Which are the best cities for high net worth individuals? London’s streets are paved with gold The American author Dorothy Parker once noted: “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful.” [...]